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Today, more than ever, access to shipping data is essential for the planning and smooth operation of businesses engaged in international trade. Our online interface provides data and details, also in the form of customized reports, on the entire logistic process of the goods entrusted to us.

The IT company owned by our Group is located in Florence, Italy. It employs over 80 experts in the latest technologies, dedicated exclusively to the development and functionality of our systems and to our clients’ requests. This allows us to pay greater attention to the specific needs of each of them, optimizing the timing of analysis and design.

Technology at the service of logistics

Technological innovation is at the heart of our logistic services and represents one of our most significant investments aimed at the continuous improvement of our business processes and the service we provide to our clients.

Information technology applied to logistics – our services:

  • Online tracking system with real-time shipping data
  • Customized reporting
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Order management platform
  • E-docs (electronic documents)
  • Management of all EDI protocols
  • Data hosting on our FTP site and/or connection to third-party sites
  • Direct transmission of AMS
  • Direct transmission of ISF
  • Direct connection with Customs

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