Customs operations

Experience and expertise

Shipping abroad: a custom-designed customs process

The regulations governing international trade are constantly evolving. When entering global markets, it is essential to rely on a competent and up-to-date operator.

Customs assistance with customized solutions

Albatrans provides global customs assistance to ensure a correct and effective entry of goods into every market.

  • Customs clearance for export/import
  • Temporary exports/re-importations
  • Excise procedures management
  • CITES/Fish & Wildlife regulations
  • Fiscal representation services
  • Customs warehouses
  • AEO/AEOF certification
  • C-TPAT certification

United States customs operations


The enforcement of U.S. customs security laws is controlled by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Procedures like the AMS (Automated Manifest System) or ISF (Import Security Filing) are mandatory for introducing any goods into the United States, as is registration with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for goods falling into specific categories such as food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. Furthermore, the entire supply chain of imported goods must comply with the rules outlined in the C-TPAT (Customs and Trade Partnership against Terrorism) security regulations.

Customs brokerage

Albatrans Inc. USA is an authorized customs broker with expertise in all aspects of importing and exporting goods in and from the United States.

Holding the C-TPAT certificate since 2003, we invest in continuous training for our staff in all customs and government regulations.

Whether it’s textiles, wine, chemicals, or machinery, we offer our complete expertise to help our clients operate effectively in the U.S. market.

Customized solutions, with guaranteed assistance 

Our customs department operates 7 days a week to ensure that goods are cleared quickly and proceed smoothly to their final destination.

Our clients can choose to work locally with our regional offices throughout the country or centralize all customs activities in a single office through the Remote Location Filing (RLF) procedure.

With both options, they will benefit from the guidance and assistance of our competent staff.

Our services in support of U.S. customs operations include:

  • Direct ISF (Import Security Filing) registration
  • Direct AMS (Advance Manifest System) registration
  • ACH/PMS (Automated Clearing House / Periodic Monthly Statement) programs for duty payments
  • National-level RLF (Remote Location Filing)
  • OGA (Other Government Agency) expertise
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) procedures / Prior Notice
  • CITES / Fish & Wildlife procedures
  • Online customs reporting for all transactions
  • Nationwide deliveries of all types of goods
  • Airport gate customs clearance for urgent samples

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