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Albatrans has extensive experience in air shipments of all kinds of goods. The characteristic of this type of shipment is urgency, and we operate with this purpose in mind. Whether it involves transporting samples to a fair, furniture for the opening of a store, or spare parts for a production line that has stopped, Albatrans will be at your disposal.We hold AEOF, IATA, ENAC, AAMS, C-TPAT certifications to ensure the total safety of shipments and streamlined procedures with both airlines and Customs Authorities.

Why choose air shipping?

  • Multiple departures to and from all major global hubs
  • Daily consolidations
  • Palletization of goods in our warehouses
  • Express/Priority service for particularly urgent shipments
  • Weekend deliveries for special goods
  • Visibility of data and documents via our tracking system on our web portal
  • On-site security checks required by various international regulations
  • Additional protections against damage, theft, and tampering
  • Cabin transport and customs clearance at the airport for samples
  • Charter rentals from Europe and Asia to the United States
  • Carnet service
  • Door-to-door insurance programs





Assistenza e consulenza per le soluzioni più idonee per ogni tipologia di merce

I nostri servizi di trasporto aereo merci comprendono:

  • Consolidazioni giornaliere da / per i principali aeroporti mondiali.
  • Pallettizzazione della merce in magazzini di proprietà.
  • Servizio Express/Priority per le spedizioni particolarmente urgenti.
  • Trasporto in cabina e sdoganamento al gate aeroportuale dei campioni.
  • Servizio Standard/Economy.
  • Charters dall’Europa e dall’Asia verso gli Stati Uniti.

  • GOH (capi appesi).

  • Servizio Carnet.
  • Servizio Door to Door.
  • Consegne durante il fine settimana per merce speciale.
  • Programmi assicurativi.
  • Visibilità dei dati e documenti sul tracking system tramite il nostro portale web.

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