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Our journey since 1993

This is Albatrans

With just one office in Florence, Italy, during a time when telexes, faxes, and landlines dominated the world of communication, we laid the foundation of a strategic plan with a global vision. By expanding our network of branches across all five continents, we have solidified our structure and established a widespread presence in the world.


The logistics group that Albatrans is part of offers all the advantages of large multinationals, while still allowing us to maintain a human-scale dimension. We provide the best of both worlds by offering a professional service with a personal touch. It has always been our motto, and we take it seriously.

We have come a long way and will continue to move forward, looking into the future.


  • 1993 Albatrans was founded in Florence, Italy, and soon after opened its first branch in Milan.
  • 1996 Our first office in the United States was opened in New York.


  • 1999 In response to the growing demand for logistic services in the wine sector, not only from Italy but also from other producing countries, offices in Spain and France were opened.
  • 2002 Openings in Australia and Hong Kong.
  • 2004 First office in the United Kingdom in Glasgow.
  • 2006 Opening in Germany and Chile.

Reliability and trust-based relationships built and solidified over time.


  • 2007 we expanded to Canada
  • 2008 we opened operations in New Zealand
  • 2012 Opening in London, UK, followed by openings in Ireland and Mexico.
  • 2014 Launch of Alba Wine and Spirits Warehousing & Distribution LLC in Edison, NJ, USA.
  • 2015 We developed a presence in Southeast Asia
  • 2018 we expanded to South Africa


  • 2022 Alba Itzel Express LLC in New Jersey and Albatrans Louisville in Kentucky became operational in the USA.
  • 2023 The latest new entries, the offices in Napa in California, USA, and Livorno in Italy, continue to strengthen our already strong global presence.
  • 2024 Acquisition of BVA Logistics of Sofia, Bulgaria, to extend our presence in Eastern Europe.

Our journey to provide global logistics services to all clients, big and small, who are looking for a professional, reliable, flexible, and attentive partner to their needs continues.


A forwarder specialized in global logistics

Albatrans is among the leading global providers of international logistics services in the alcoholic beverage sector and is the operating partner of the American Wine and Spirits Shippers Association (W.S.S.A.). In addition to our strong ties to the beverage industry, we have also developed a high level of expertise in the fashion sector and are able to offer tailor-made services that meet the specific needs of this clientele. Our experience also extends to consumer goods, cold chain products, machinery, and raw materials.

Professional service with 
a personal touch

Albatrans’ growth has been based on smart and innovative logistics solutions, rooted in experience and trust, with both our clients and suppliers. Technology, expertise, creativity, combined with careful customer service and a culture of continuous improvement are the core of our operations.

That’s why: Professional service with a personal touch. Our motto is more than just marketing. It’s the way we operate.



To be the primary choice for global logistics, with a particular focus on the wine sector and other alcoholic beverages, covering various modes of transport both in export and import, worldwide. Our vision is supported by the entrepreneurial spirit of our Management and staff, always committed to improving our services and considering each customer as a unique partner.



To be the best logistics partner using the power of a large Group but with the agility of a small company.



The values that guide us are professionalism, innovation, reliability, and integrity in every aspect of our operations, with the fundamental characteristic of human interaction.



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